Re: Think. Action. Cycle.

Re: Think

My final project address the environmental issue.

Our main challenge as a future-thinking society is to channel all of the already produced plastics back into raw material.
The reality is rather different than that. Consumer products are designed without care.
There is no repair stores anymore and even the manufacturers themselves don’t provide any guidance of how to separate the product materials in its end of life.
Unfortunately, electronic products becomes obsolete quite fast these days which makes our pile of environmental pollution even greater.

Some of you may have the right skills and hunch to figure out how to disassemble your obsolete product (different screws, glue, snaps, Ultrasonic welding and so on) – but most of you don’t.
Lets say you managed to disassemble your product – can you tell which part is made of which plastic? (in purpose of recycling)

Most of designers and manufacturers have no interest to help and guide us toward better future.
This is what i’m about to offer.


Re: Action

I chose three trendy consumer product with simple plastic shell and simple
PCB (Printed Circuit Board) inside so i can separate the plastic matter for the electronic one in no time.

The way i figure out how to turn this non-sexy task into fun experience was by creating a rubbery seam line the holds both of the plastic shells together.